From "CEO-Desk"

Surabhi Gupta

CEO-Son & Shine

At the very first instant, I would like to extend my sincere gratitude to the people of Lucknow for welcoming Son & Shine with open arms.With majority of exhibitions concentrating on wedding and lifestyle, I felt a monotony coming to the events in city, as a result Son & Shine was born!!!

I thought to bring a platform where the femme brigade along with their better halves can freak out on a shopping spree while kids can play and learn both together; with ample of creative activities conducted by professionals. In today’s hectic life people look forward for some happy family moments and Son & Shine strives it’s best to create them.

Since our first edition, we have gained the attention of the common mass and the niche clientele both, as kids are the common factor. This factor helped us through every season in witnessing a huge footfall. From the business point of view, I aim to establish an ideal platform where the vendor can meet the actual potential buyer and create new opportunities for future.

As Son & Shine Season 7 is coming up on October 2020 this year, our best preparations are underway. I am sure with love of my Lord and support of my family, friends, relatives, exhibitors, sponsors and above all my Lucknowites, I am sure that we shall emerge stronger every year!!!