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You are requested to kindly register with us for Son & Shine (Season-6) at Hotel Taj Mahal Lucknow, on 5th October 2019, Saturday as per the following details :

Sr.No. Stall Location Stall Size (mtr.) Feature Tariff (INR) Pick One
1 Outside the Hall 2 X 2 One Sides Open 35,000/-
2 Outside the Hall 2 X 2 Two Side Open 40,000/-
3 Inside the Hall 2 X 2 One Sides Open 45,000/-
4 Inside the Hall 2 X 2 Two Sides Open 50,000/-
5 Inside the Hall 3 x 2 One Side Open 55,000/-
6 Inside the Hall 3 x 2 Two Sides Open 60,000/-
7 Premium Stalls ------ ------ 65,000/-
8 Outside the Hall Table ------ 15,000/-

Payment method :

Cash     Cheque/DD     NEFT/RTGS
Deposited in Son & Shine SBI Account     Direct (By hand)

Bank details for Cash Deposits or RTGS/ NEFT transfers :

Stall Layout Click image to zoom the Stall Layout

I/We understand and accept the following :

Although the organizers will try to give stalls according to our preference, it may or may not be possible to do so. I/ We understand that stalls are available on first-come first-serve basis.
I/We know that stall is booked only once full payment is made. Part payments do not confirm bookings nor will be refunded in case of future cancellations.
50% of the amount will be refunded in case any cancellation is done 30 days prior to the event otherwise, I/we will not be entitled to claim any refund.
*The Above mentioned stalls rates may vary as per the discount policy of Sone And Shine.
(For more details contact surabhi.gupta30@gmail.com, contact@sonandshine.com or call us on +91 - 9839646686, 9919108619)